Hi, my name is Dave and I spent years smoking. I was convinced that nothing would ever work for
me to make me quit. I had tried patches, nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler, and nicotine patch. I tried
going cold turkey. Nothing worked and I was falling into despair. Then a friend recommended Paul
Gill. I knew nothing about hypnosis apart from what I had seen on TV and was a little apprehensive
about it.

But when I met Paul all that changed. He put me at ease, explained to me how it was going to work
and the rest was easy. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Paul and would recommend him highly to
anyone wanting to give up cigarettes.

Dave - Dublin
Nicorette patched and tablets
Weight loss was always a problem to me. I had successfully lost and gained loads of fat over the
years. It frustrated me to see how other women could eat what they wanted and not put on
I had no idea how much the mind could be involved in losing weight. I thought it was just purely a
physical thing, eat less, and exercise more.

Working with Paul, over just a few short weeks, I came to identify all the emotional reasons as to
why I was eating. Paul helped me deal with these issues sensitively. I was amazed at how my
attitude to food changed as a result. Now I am no longer battling with food. Food is my friend
and the weight has just fallen off me.

Thanks Paul!

Jackie - Meath
Slim woman in sunshine
I suffered with anxiety and depression all my life. My symptoms ranged from biting my nails to being
unable to face people, to panic attacks at night. My GP put me on medication but also recommended
that I see a therapist.

Paul came highly recommended and when I met him I could see why. He has a very calming and
reassuring manner and a comforting voice. I felt he understood from the start and didn't judge me.

I went from being anxious and nervous to enjoying and looking forward to my sessions with him.
When I talked  it all through, I realised that my anxiety and depression made sense, that there was a
reason for it. Paul helped me to change my attitude to life, both past and present. The good thing
about it was that it didn't take years or even months.

Helen - Westmeath
Anxious woman
I never liked flying especially after 9/11. But living on an island it is so restrictive not being able to take a holiday abroad if you don't want to fly. My partner was quite fed up of me because it meant that he couldn't go anywhere either. I gave in to his suggestion to go to Spain and heavily dosed myself with alcohol to endure the flight. Not a good idea. I was mostly sick and very anxious. It spoiled my enjoyment of the holiday since I could not relax because I was dreading the return flight. I spoiled it for everyone so when we got home I decided to do something about my flying phobia.

I found Paul on the web and arranged an appointment. I was delighted when he told me that my phobia could be cured and in just a few sessions. In fact even after one session I felt that I would be able to board a plane. In total it took just 3 hours to overcome my fear. I am so thankful that I found Paul. I've never had any trouble flying since!

Joan - Longford

Small airplane
I came to Paul Gill when I realised that I was becoming too dependant on alcohol. I'd gone from having a few mid-week, to having to get drunk most nights. My relationship fell apart because of it. I found myself as a single man again, aged 52, living in a flat with nothing only my cans of beer. I even considered suicide.

I met Paul by accident when I went to an holistic center where he was giving a talk. I didn't know that alcoholism could be treated with psychotherapy.

Paul helped me understand what the root cause of my alcoholism was. Thanks to him I now have a completely new perspective on drink. I can take it or leave it. It doesn't really matter to me. I'm currently dry, and working at putting my relationship back together.

Mel - Athlone

Man in shadow drinking a pint of beer
I first heard Paul Gill on the radio. I felt sure he could help me get out of the rut my life had become. Working with him we quickly got to the nub of the issue. I was able to gain a 3rd partly perspective on my life. I could, at last, see how it all fitted together.

Through the Life Coaching sessions I was able to steer my life in a new direction. I've made many radical changes that I didn't think were possible and I would encourage everybody to work with a Life Coach like Paul.

Gillian - Roscommon

Two people in a meeting
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