He discovered that smoking is more a psychological habit rather than a physiological one. Having changed his mental  
attitude to smoking he now no longer has to resist cigarettes. Rather, he simply does not want them anymore. Smoking  
means something to everybody who smokes, whether its a treat, a break or self medicating for stress.
Remember back to your first cigarette? Where was it? Behind the bicycle shed at school? The back of the disco or dance hall? Wherever it was your first reaction to that cigarette was probably to cough violently and feel like throwing up and your head spinning. That was because your immune system reacted to the toxin you were attempting to put into your body. Now usually there is a good reason to start smoking at such an early age. You want to fit in with your friends; you want to be more grown up, feel like an adult. There is a strong emotional reason attached to wanting to smoke. This is important because when ever there is a strong emotional reason to do something the subconscious mind sits up and takes notice. You persist with trying to smoke and your subconscious mind installs a habit for you to make it easier, like walking, you don t have to think about it.

Quitting smoking has an 86% success rate using hypnosis. That is because the subconscious mind is reprogrammed to install and run a new habit of being "Smoke Free".
By the end of the session Stephen understood that he could still treat himself in more beneficial ways. He could still take a break whenever he wanted to and discovered far more effective ways at dealing with his stresses.

Stephen went from  40 a day habit to being smoke free in less than

2 hours.
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