Many things shape the lives we currently enjoy or for some people currently don’t enjoy. Two of the most important are
                  (a) the family we are born into
                  (b) the environment in which we are raised

All of our attitudes to life are born out of our understanding and making sense of what is happening to us as we grow. Sometimes these attitudes are not based in fact but rather perception. Siblings who grew up in the same household often do not share the same interpretation of what life was like growing up in that household. To every event we bring our own unique understanding.

When you realise that the understanding you have about life is simply that, 'YOUR understanding', that you are neither right nor wrong, everything begins to get easier in your life.

Also, when you begin to take full responsibility for your own life as it is now, and stop blaming people to automatically inherit the power of change. This is because it is down to you. It is no longer dependant on what others have done, or on what others say or how they feel about you.

One of my favorite quotations is from Dennis Kucinich.
                                             “What other people think of me is none of my business

But what you think of you is very much your business!
You can only live your life by what you believe to be true about you. The results in every area of your life will reflect your own self concept.  

If you feel stifled by your past or feel that you are unable to resolve issues in the present, then you owe it to yourself to do psychoanalysis under hypnosis. All of your issues are fixable! While you can
’t change your past (it has happened, it’s done), you can change how you feel about that past. When you change how you feel about your past then everything in your present suddenly changes too.


A traumatic anxiety ridden past
does not mean a similar future.

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