In order to truly loose weight and keep it off permanently, you must change  
your thinking. At the moment you have a certain relationship with food. It  
probably isn't a healthy one. Food is not the enemy! You can loose weight  
and not go hungry. It simply involves changing how you feel about food.

This can be easily done by listening to this powerful hypnotic CD, once a  
day for the first 7 days, and then as often as you feel the need to. You will  
find to your surprise and delight that you no longer crave food and for the  
most part you can take it or leave it!
How to control your weight through hypnosis
The Psychology of Weight Loss
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€14.97  (Inclu. V.A.T.)

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The power of your subconscious is immense! It accounts for up to 75% of  
your mental abilities! In many ways it’s just like a computer - it runs  
subconscious programmes. And just like a computer new programmes can  
be installed.

Hypnosis is recognized as the most powerful tool for change. On this easy  
listening CD, master hypnotist Paul Gill subconsciously programs your mind  
to manifest your thoughts! It’s just like having the Midas touch!
Hypnotic Audio Suggestion
Manifestation Techniques
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€14.97  (Inclu. V.A.T.)
The Definitive Book of Dreams
In this powerful book, Paul Gill is uniquely qualified to open up each person's dream world. The author assists you in understanding your own individual dream metaphor. By citing his own dreams and interpreting them, he allows the reader into the (normally) private realm of the subconscious.

He also provides examples of dreams from some of his clients and radio show devotees and then interprets these for our benefit too.
The Definitive Book of Dreams
€9.97 (Inclu. V.A.T.)
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+€4.85 - Standard P&P Internationally
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Actualisation Through Manifestation eCover
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Many of you will have read 'The Secret', and will know that you can manifest through visualisation. Yet not everybody who can visualise can materialise! Why is that?  In this fascinating eBook, Paul charts the success of his own life. He shares real life examples of how he discovered to harness the power of his own mind to create his successful life.  Manifestation is not a gift! It is a skill, and it can be learned!
Actualisation Through Manifestation
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