Ironically this fear had no basis in actually flying itself. Maries Granny died suddenly when Marie was 9 years old. It was a  
deep shock to the family and that night Marie had a dream of falling. She awoke grasping the side of the mattress for  
support. Because she was in a highly emotionally charged state her mind linked this falling experience with her Granny  


A few years later when she heard a conversation on the radio about how safe flying was compared to other forms of  
transport she heard the commentator flippantly remark "well its not as if they just suddenly fall out of the sky!". Instantly  
her subconscious mind linked all the dots. "Suddenly" (Granny died suddenly); "fall" (had that falling dream on the same  
night). Her mind developed the fear that planes just suddenly fall out of the sky! This is also complicated by a young mind  
trying to comes to terms with the concept of death and trying to explain the rationale behind death.  

When all of the above were dissected in hypnotherapy, Marie brought her current adult level of awareness to bear on her  
previous emotional understanding of her grandmothers death. She resolved her fear of flying and has visited almost every  
country in Europe, making up for all those years that her freedom was curtailed.

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Fear of flying had prevented Marie from taking holidays abroad.

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