He re-experienced a memory where a favorite teacher, being in a particularly bad mood one day, chastised him for doing  
badly in a spelling test. He felt humiliated in front of the class and the following phrase she used was indelibly etched on  
his subconscious. "You're no good! You'll never amount to anything!".
Because she was a strong authority figure he believed her! But yet he resented her remark and became driven to struggle  
against it. He must prove her wrong! But because he believed her he was always going to prove her right! Through  
reframing what had happened and changing the emotional content of the memory Michael was able to move on and is  
today a very successful business man. He is now able to make progress rapidly on his goals without his subconscious pulling  
him in the opposing direction.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a professional alliance between coach and client for a designated time period during which the client  
identifies goals to be achieved, strategies to achieve them and a time frame for this to happen. The coach is the torch  
bearer in this process, illuminating the way in order for the client to make that journey.

When you sit down with me as your coach you begin a process of change. You will get to know yourself, what drives you,  
what motivates you, and what seeks to sabotage you. Coaching is a journey that helps you get the most out of your life.  
It puts you in a position of power over self and in control of change.  

The Choices We Make

Giving away your power "to choose" is a choice in  
itself. When you become fearful of doing the wrong  
thing or making the wrong decision it is easier to give  
that power of choosing to someone else. Typically it  
could be a parent, a spouse, a friend, a boss, a church.  
When you become fearful of making mistakes you give  
your power away. Choosing not to choose is a choice.  
Choosing to let someone else choose for you is a  
To learn more about Life Coaching, please contact me for a 'No Obligation' conversation.
Sometimes people go to therapist hoping to be told what to do! "Tell me what to do with my life... Tell me what to say". Phone lines are hopping up and down the country as physic phone lines are rung by people who seek to be told how their future is going to pan out. It's ridiculous! You make your future and no-one else! Imagine turning to the person right beside you now and saying "Tell me what I'm going to do?"

There was only so far that Michael could


make it on his own, a man intent on


setting goals and achieving his aims.

However, he fell victim to that old problem of 'self  
sabotage'. This frustrated him even more. Michael  
came to me to uncover the root cause of his self  
sabotage program. By combining hypnosis with my  
skills as a Life Coach, we uncovered an experience  
from his childhood that conditioned him to believe  
that he couldn't achieve. This childhood experience  
surfaced within moments of Michael entering hypnosis  
(the subconscious always know the root cause of your  
Coaching helps you:
     •  To identify what it is you want.
     •  Why it is you want it.
     •  How it is you're going to achieve it.
Coaching Tip
1. Get an A4-size piece of paper.
2. On the top write "To do list for today"
3. Write down all the things you want to get done today
4. Now scribble out "today" and write "this week"
5. Pick just one thing on that list and do it now!
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