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"Lucid dreaming is an example of how the subconscious and the conscious are one.  

The dream, being a subconscious experience, continues as the conscious manipulates the dream, the ego  
being the creator. In order to fully love oneself the ego must love itself.  
Too often the ego is portrayed as totally self-absorbed, inflated, self-severing, etc. Which part of the  
mind is capable of love? The conscious? The subconscious? The ego? Or the ID? Well, what's love? Is it a  
feeling? An emotion? Or an energy perhaps? Could it be all three and even more? Does it stand to reason  
if we consider the "holistic" view of man that we dissect and attribute different domains to a mind that we  
cannot even see? Which part of the body is the blood in? Which part of the body is the mind in? Or is it  
free-floating, hovering in and around the head or maybe two feet above or three feet to the left of the  
body? Because we are what we are attempting to study this makes it more difficult to hold an unbiased  
view on any aspect of ourselves."
If you're interested in understanding your dreams, or are having difficulty in sleeping,
please contact me to find out how Hypnotherapy can help you.

Every dream means something...

...from the most mundane, to the highly far  
fetched.....and everybody has dreams!  

So what do they mean or how can you find out what is  
going on in your head while you dream?

Dream Interpretation

I talk more about this in my book The Definitive Books of Dreams, which is available to
purchase here

Here is an excerpt from the book:
In order to understand a dream the first thing you have got to do is to consider the dream to have been a real experience.  
If what had happened to you in the dream happened to you for real, how would you feel? As far as your subconscious mind  
is concerned a dream is a real experience. So if for example you have a dream where you are falling you will most likely  
jump upright in the bed! Your body reacts as if were really happening.

Once you have identified and named the particular emotion or feeling that goes with the dream you are halfway to  
understanding what that dream was about. If the emotion was, lets say, fear, ask yourself where is fear currently been felt  
in your life? You will very quickly join the dots and connect your dream with your wakening reality.

Many items in your dream represent something unique to you. That is why dream dictionaries are wholly inadequate. They  
assume the individual things that pop up in your dreams have a universal meaning. This is not the case. Some things do have  
similar meanings to many people but you do need to explore your own individual dream metaphor.

Strange recurring dreams caused Alison to have trouble sleeping.  
While she understood that certain dreams can have a meaning she was at a loss to understand hers. This is often the case as  
the dream mind that you are attempting to examine is your own. Working with me over a series of sessions she uncovered  
not just the meaning of one or two dreams but that they were all in fact inter-related! When Alisons conscious awareness  
understood the messages from the subconscious, her mind was able to settle down and sleep without any problems.
To give an example of what you could expect from my dream interpretations,
listen to the following 3 audio recordings from my radio chat show 'iLife'.
Interpretation 1
Interpretation 2
Interpretation 3

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