In the case of addiction to pornography, it can be said to be a dependancy on seeking gratification through sex.  

Addiction enslaves a person, rendering them helpless. Every addiction has its purpose, has its reason for being there. It  
would be unusual for a person to be addicted to drugs or alcohol simply because they like the taste of the product. And  
everyone that has an addiction will at some stage want to rid themselves of that affliction.

A common thread in addiction is the notion of instant gratification. The reward must be now; immediate. Part of the  
cure  involves rewiring the mind into seeking long term gratification instead of short term benefit. Behaviour  
modification is an important part of this process.

So the addiction must be understood to be cured. When you take away the reason for the addiction being there  
then the addiction serves no purpose, no function and ceases to be.

Hypno/Psychotherapy can help with an addiction to anything. Some of the more common addictions I treat are  
addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography, and food.
An addiction may be defined as: 

               - either a physical or a psychological dependancy on a substance for gratification purposes -
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